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Sigma Media Player Free
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Delta Media Player is a full-featured HTML5 video player that uses on-the-fly media provider selection to render online video. Full functionality (playlists, skinning, scripting, etc.) is supported on all the popular desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Delta Media Player can be easily customized to fit any requirements your Web projects might have and can be used with both mobile and desktop environments.

The player does not only allow developers to skin its interface, but they can go deeper than that and change how it works and behaves.

This is done by Delta Media Player's built-in parameters and a plugin system that allows developers to add even more features to the player's core.

The actual media player lets users control the sound volume, easily move the video cursor along the timeline, automatically start the video when it comes into the user's view, preload content when possible, customize the interface colors, add a watermark on top of the video canvas, and even show a poster image before the actual video is started.

Delta Media Player is an Open Source HTML player for your website. For site owners, developers, hobbyists, businesses and programmers.

Delta Media Player is based on Flowplayer source code. The beauty of Delta Media Player is that it respects web standards. Skinning is heavily based on CSS and HTML that most web developers can handle.


User interface

Minimalistic design - Deltamediaplayer keeps the video up front, with UI elements only present where it matters.

Custom end screens - Show custom actions after your video.

Overlayed or inlaid - Use the most suitable video-reveal method for the purpose.

Splash image - Start with a distinctive image to highlight your content. A regular image makes for a faster page load than a <video>tag.

Playlists - Build playlists using HTML and CSS, or with a JSON object.


Keyboard shortcuts - YouTube and VIM-compatible shortcuts to control playback.

Fullscreen mode - Even for browsers that don't support it natively.

Slow motion - Control playback speed with arrow keys or from optional UI controls in most HTML5 browsers.

Subtitles - Use the standard element across browsers, and style subtitles with CSS.

Bitrate switching - Automatic and/or manual switching to the most suitable video quality.


JavaScript API - Programmatically control all aspects of video playback.

Unlimited instances - By using the splash image you can use multiple players on the same page without affecting performance.

Fluid layout - Fully resizable while preserving the aspect ratio.

CSS classes - Style the player with CSS depending on which state it is in.

Cuepoints - Perform custom actions or show informative overlays during video playback at predefined moments.

Self-hosted videos - Delta Media Player is not tied to any particular video platform, and you may load videos from your own server or CDN. Videos from YouTube or Vimeo are not supported.

Tech specs

Supported video formats - WebM MP4 OGG and FLV (Flash engine only).

98% browser coverage - Falls back to Flash on older non-HTML5 browsers such as IE8.

Retina ready - Uses vector-based graphics for the play button.

Open source - Open-source version available under GPL 3 license with additional term per GPL Section 7.



Analytics Yes Yes
Subtitles Yes Yes
Cuepoints Yes Yes
Random seeking Yes w. streaming servers
Bitrate switching Yes Yes
Full screen Yes Yes
Playlists Yes Yes
JavaScript API for scripting Yes Yes
Custom branding Yes Yes
Skinning Yes Yes
Keyboard control Yes Yes
Slow motion & fast forward Yes RTMP only
Retina ready Yes No
Responsive Yes No
Custom start & end screens with HTML/CSS Yes No
Full iOS support Yes No
Mobile devices incl. Android Yes No
DRM HLS(AES-128) Yes
Video advertising IMA3/VAST* several
Full plugin API for custom plugins No Yes
Audio support No Yes
CMS plugins WP1, HDW2 several



And the best thing is that Delta Media Player is absolutely free to download and use for any content publisher.



Quick setup for Delta Media Player in your website.

1. Insert in <head> tag:

<title>Delta Media Player quick start</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.deltamediaplayer.com/playercode/deltamediaplayer/skin/minimalist.css">
<script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://www.deltamediaplayer.com/playercode/deltamediaplayer/delta.min.js"></script>

2. Add in <body> tag:
<div class="deltamediaplayer">
<source type="video/webm" src=source_video.webm">
<source type="video/mp4" src="source_video.mp4">
 * source_video.mp4 - replace with your source.

3. For more additional setting visit Flowplayer website HERE