Delivery Policy

Delta Media Player is free to download from our website.
In order to watch any content published with Delta Media Player though, every user/watcher must have valid paid subsciption to our website.
To get your valid subscription for Delta Media Player, you can use our secure online shopping cart to purchase your subscription and pay with your Visa or Mastercard.
The activation of your Delta media player will usually be available immediately after completing the purchase.

The procedure is as follows: 
First you have to register on our website and create an account. After creating your account you will receive an email with confirmation link you have to click.
After you login to your newly made account you need to go to our Purchase page and follow the steps to get your Subscription plan for Delta Media Player.
On receipt of a Purchase Order, Delta Media Player Support will activate your account, which entitles the customer to the software components ordered, subject to payment. 
An invoice will be issued by Delta Media Player Support following the License activation.
Users will get instant access to delta media player content once we have confirmation from payment processor that your payment is valid.
Then you have to download the player from our download page and install it (if you haven't do so already). After that you must input your login details (username and password) to the player in order to watch the content.
Please bear in mind that occasionally payment notification emails can get delayed, either within our eCommerce providers but also within our or your own email systems.
Because licenses cannot be revoked, all sales are final. Returns are not accepted under any circumstances.