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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.1. These Regulations set out the rules for the use of free and paid personal accounts (hereinafter referred to as "Users") on the internet service located at www.deltamediaplayer.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Service" or the "Portal") and constitute the rules for the provision of services by electronic means. Within the meaning of the law governing the provision of services by electronic means.  
1.2. The operator of the Portal is Delta Media Player.  
1.3. This Web Site is for real-time sharing by your users of your audio or audio-visual content (collectively, the "Materials") to other users. Within the Service, the Service Provider provides a service consisting in making available the ICT infrastructure to mediate the transmissions transmitted by the Users. The Service is designed to create sites ("Channels") where Users may then share Materials with the embedded application on the Service ("the Player") or third-party software specifically designed for that purpose. Access to the content of the Channel by you or other users is possible through the use of the included on each Player Channel, which enables you to play the Content Channel streamed by you.  
1.4. Content posted on the Portal is available to all Internet users from different geographic locations, however, only the registered users ("Registered Users") can use the full functionality of the Portal - to the extent that the functionality of a free account or the range of free or purchased services is available.
2.1. In order to register, you must complete the registration form by entering your name, username, password and e-mail address and then activating your Account through a activation link sent via the Service to your e-mail address.
2.2. As a result of registration for a Registered User, an Account is created. Registered users may supplement information within the Account with their own data, which may be changed or removed at any time. The extent to which these data may be made available to other Users is determined by the Privacy Policy of the Service.
2.3. Registered users gain access to the full functionality of the Portal by providing an username and password.
2.4. You must accept the current wording of this Terms if you have never done so or have changed your account, otherwise your access to the Account and its functionality will be limited.
2.5. Personal information is voluntary, but may be necessary to access some of the services offered through the Portal.
3.1. Registered Users by placing any Materials within the Services available on the Portal, declare that they are free from legal defects and claims of third parties and that they have all rights to the posted content, including copyrighted property rights including the right to publish and distribute the Materials in the system. On-line, on the Internet, and the right to use a third party's image, and that these rights are not limited in any way to any third party.
3.2. Registered users bear full and unlimited liability for all Materials that they have posted on the Portal within the available services.
3.3. If the User considers that the Material (in any service) violates the law, regulations or good manners, the User has the possibility to notify the Administrator about this fact by means of e-mail or by means of appropriate contact forms available on the Website.

4.1. You agree to use the Website in accordance with its purpose, applicable law, social and moral norms, the provisions of these Regulations and the rules of netiquette, and in particular to the content that you publish.
4.2. You are prohibited from:

4.2.1. Dissemination through the Channels of Content to which You do not have the copyright or other rights to publish or distribute it on the Internet, the posting of material (pages, graphics, texts, audio and video clips, etc.) containing illegal content, and in particular pornographic material .
4.2.2. Content that involves pornography involving children and animals or using violence,
4.2.3. Materials promoting phonographic, computer piracy, dissemination of data breach techniques, viruses and the publication of any other similar content and activities, materials,
4.2.4. To upload content that promotes hate, ethnic, racial, religious or otherwise, and promotes fascism, Nazism and other criminal ideologies, distributes content that violates generally accepted moral and social norms and content, such as depictions of executions, Human corpse or other content),
4.2.5. Establishing Channels with names that violate the law, referring to words commonly considered offensive or violating good manners, and the ban also applies to descriptions and titles of Channels,
4.2.6. Obstructing other Users to use the Service, including by interfering with particular elements of the Service in a way that these elements are not adapted,
4.2.7. To take action to read passwords of other Users, including attempts to guess passwords,
4.2.8. Posting in the Service scripts that may interfere with the operation of links, servers or other Users'
4.2.9. Charge the server servicing the Service by generating excessive traffic or transmitting excessive media bits per second in the Channel or other activities beyond the reasonable use of the Service,
4.2.10. Account sharing or services purchased by third parties,
4.2.11. Posting in the Post or any other services available on the Portal of any "rules", "Disclaimers", information about the exclusion of your liability or other Users in any form or content,
4.2.12. Placing on the Service by the User content containing any personal data of other persons.
5.1. You assume all responsibility for respecting copyrights and other dissemination and other forms of use.
5.2. You agree that upon the third party claims to the Administrator for any breach of their rights by the Materials posted by you under any of the Services available on the Portal, the User shall take the case in lieu of the Administrator or proceed to the case as a Intervener and will take over in full the costs of any court proceedings, the costs of legal representation and the damages or damages awarded or agreed upon.
5.3. In the event of detection of an infringement or attempted violation of the Terms, the Service Provider is entitled, to the extent permitted by law, to impose a contractual penalty of up to ten times the value of the benefits obtained by that action, and in the case of difficulty in determining the value of such benefits, up to ten times the minimum remuneration Subscription title, in accordance with the current price list.
5.4. Violation of the terms of these Terms may, at the Service Provider's sole discretion, result in a warning, block access to the Account, total blockage of the Account, deletion of individual content, limitation of use of certain services or functionality of the Site, or deletion of the Account, together with any material contained therein. If the User has taken action that is not prohibited by this Terms of Service but will be judged undesirable by the Service Provider as reasonable, he or she may notify the User by email, demanding that such action be discontinued. Failure to do so by the User immediately violates these terms. In exceptional situations, the Service Provider reserves the right to block public access to the Account, Channels or to block access to the Account entirely.
5.5. It is also considered to be a violation of these Regulations to encourage, facilitate or promote methods of breaking and circumventing these provisions, as well as knowingly benefiting from such actions.
5.6. To the extent permitted by law, the Service Provider reserves the right to:
5.6.1. Changes in the Account parameters in the Service, in the case of Paid Accounts, while during the paid subscription may be only changes that increase the value of the service,
5.6.2. Periodically disable the Service without prior notice,
5.6.3. Immediately remove one or more Channels provided by you and the entire Account without notice in the event of a breach of these Terms of Use,
5.6.4. Removal in exceptional cases of some or all of the materials contained in the Service,
5.6.5. Completely discontinue providing free services, after prior notice to the User on the Website,
5.6.6. Transfer of your rights and obligations related to the provision of electronic services in the Portal to another competent entity.
6.1. You may redeem a Subscription (hereinafter referred to as "Premium") during which the use of the User Channels through the Player is not limited by the time or amount of data transfer used.
6.2. Premium service allows you to use it without any time-to-resource restrictions from resources placed by other Users.
6.3. Premium service in no way guarantees the availability of Channels or any Materials made available by other Users.
6.4. Premium service does not affect Materials published by other Users. Therefore, any liability for transmission parameters such as data transfer rate and material quality is dependent on the User making available the Materials in the Channel.
6.5. The user buys Premium service using the forms of payment available on the Portal. After purchase the service will be activated.
6.6. If the User purchases the Premium service through intermediaries in payment, until the payment is made to the Service Provider by the intermediary, the Service is not responsible for any inconvenience with regard to the time of delivery or lack of payment, etc. Complaints in this case should be addressed to the intermediary who transfers the payment to service.
6.7. The cost of buying a Premium Account is available at www.deltamediaplayer.com in the PURCHASE tab
6.7.1. You may not return or exchange your purchased premium service.
6.7.2. Delta Media Player.com disclaims no responsibility or guarantee that the digital product sold will meet the buyer's expectations. In accordance with applicable consumer rights laws, immediate access to purchased digital goods does not apply to the right to a refund of resale rights. All sales are final.
6.8. Payment for services is accepted through our official payment partners (hereinafter referred to as "Clearing Agents").
6.8.1. Current Clearing Agents and their payment methods are only available on our Portal pages.
6.9. Please note that in order to have trouble buying Premium you should always go through the payment process from the beginning via https://www.deltamediaplayer.com/en/purchase.

7.1. Proper use of the Service Provider's Website requires a computer and Internet access.
7.2. Minimum 6Mbit download for SD (standard definition) and 10Mbit (download) for HD channels (high definition).
7.3. Computer with 2 GHz processor. Minimum 1 GB of RAM and a graphics card with at least 64 MB.
7.4. The web browser should have cookies enabled.
8.1. Any provisions of the Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time by the Administrator for important reasons.
8.2. Any changes to the Rules will be published in the form of a consolidated text of the Regulations in the Portal.
8.3. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, you will have limited access to the Account.

9.1. Both the User and the Administrator have the right to terminate the agreement.
9.2. Termination of the agreement by the Administrator is by deleting the User Account or blocking the User access to the Service. Deleting an Account or blocking access to the Service may take up to 14 days after the User has sent a message containing a notice of denial / block access to the User's e-mail address. However, in the event of gross negligence by the User of the terms of this Agreement, in particular the violation of copyright or personal rights of third parties by the User, the Administrator may terminate immediately with immediate removal of the User Account or blocking access to the Service.
9.3. Termination of the contract by the User takes place by liquidating the Account. You may at any time electronically request the Administrator to remove the Account by filling out the form in the appropriate Account tab. In the case of the above mentioned request, earlier payments are not refundable. The Administrator is required to remove the Account immediately, but not later than within 3 days of receiving the User's request. After the expiry of the above deadline, the contract is terminated.
10.1. All information about violations by the Users of these Terms and Conditions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also submit infringement notifications using the appropriate contact forms available on the Website.
10.2. Complaints relating to services provided within the Service may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sent via the appropriate Contact form of the Service or in writing to the address given in point. 1 of these Regulations, and will be dealt with within 30 days of their registration in the system or receipt of a letter.
10.3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions can be interpreted in a way that would restrict the consumer's right to apply to applicable law.
10.4. These Regulations come into force on 31 July 2017.